elves before them, poured int▓o them some species of small nut, a●nd handed each of us a stone pestle.When we ▓had fallen to work, he sat down on a stool▓, prepared his narghileh and, ex●cept for an

  • occasional wave

    of the h●and as a signal to us to empty t●he mortars o

    f the beaten pulp● and

    20 SEPTEMBER 2014
  • refill them,

    remained utterly motionless▓ for the rest of the day.


    24 OCTOMER 2014
  • y we pounded h

    our after hour.The pestl●es were heavy when we began, b

    efore ▓the

    15 JANUARY 2013
  • day was done

    my own weighed at lea●st a ton.What we were beating up

    and what, in t?/p>

    24 OCTOMER 2014
  • 坔e name of Al

    lah, we were beating it up ▓for, I do not know to this

    day.The Aust

    15 JANUARY 2013


se of the product▓, but fell silent when I asked to be enlighte▓ned.Night sounds were drifting in● through the door of the hovel when the Greek▓ signed to us to stop, and with the air o▓f one who feels himself to be▓ over-generous but proud of his fault, handed ●each of us five small piastre●s (12 cents).My companion at once raised his v▓oice in vociferous protest, in which, at ●a nudge of his elbow, I joined.The Greek was▓ hurt to the point of tears.The i▓ngratitude of man, when he had, out of the ki▓ndness of his heart, given us ●a whole day’s wages for a half-day’s ▓work!

How could we bring ourselves to compl▓ain when he had cut his own profit in hal▓f simply because we were men of his▓ own color for whom he felt an 108a●ltruistic and unmercenary sy▓mpathy At the end of



a half-h


our of n▓oisy c


lamoring he cons


  • far ho▓rizon of
  • the yellow dese

ented to present ●us each with another piastre●, and we hurried away across the beach

to a● n

  • ed and asked, in
  • Italian, ▓if w

ative shop where spitted mutton sold ch▓eaply. Two days later I took a 〃埌deck-pass

age” fo

  • ourse, and follo
  • wed him bac●k t

r Beirut and bo●arded a hulk flying the British fl▓ag.By sundown we lost sight of the


  • long the beach t
  • o a hovel in the

g▓ port and set a course northeastward.A throng ▓of Arabs, Turks, and Syrians, Christi

a▓n and

  • or sat two m▓as
  • sive stone morta

Mohammedan, male and female, squatted on t●he half-covered deck.In one sc●upper were

piled a


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